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by Hugo <Nabble> • | | 0 comments
Nabble has now two new forum formats available: Image Gallery and News. You can check them out by clicking on "Options > Editor > Change format". * The Image Gallery format displays images (found in the posts) inside a table. If there is no image available, it displays a more
by Hugo <Nabble> • | | 0 comments
Nabble forums now show which users are online. This information is displayed as a green circle on the bottom right corner of the user avatar. Example: * Online users are forum specific. If you participate in two forums and are currently visiting just one of them, you will be displayed more
by Hugo <Nabble> • | | 0 comments
Now you can use Nabble to manage your team work. You can assign topics and set the priority of threads. Each topic is a work unit that can be assigned to individual users while the discussion grows. For example, you can post a new topic with something that must be implemented in your more
by Hugo <Nabble> • | | 0 comments
Nabble forums also work as a mailing list server. You can subscribe to a forum by clicking on "Options > Subscribe via email". Here you can see the options when you click on that link: (1) Individual emails - You receive one email for each new post under the forum. more
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