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I had a forum and was able to view it a couple of weeks ago but now it's gone. Not sure what to do. I tried to login here to post and it said I didn't even have an account. So I had to make a new account in order to post this.

Do not know what it going on but I have the original email from nabble when I started the forum.
What do i need to do if anything to get it back up and running?

Below is a copy of the email i received back on June 9th.

Dear user,

Thank you for registering with The Truth About Addiction, as told by the Addict.!

Email Confirmation
Please click on the confirmation link below to activate your account:
If you didn't request this email or have no idea why you received it, please ignore it. It might have been a mistake from someone else.
The Truth About Addiction, as told by the Addict.


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Re: Restore Forum

There is no such thing as an "account" at Nabble. There are thousands of forums hosted by Nabble and you need to register at each one if the owner of the individual forum requires that before you may post.

If your forum has gone it is most likely that you missed an email from Nabble warning you it was due to be deleted because of a lack activity.

 Check your spam folder for a message that says it has now been deleted and which will give you a link where you can obtain a zip file containing an archive of all posts.

Post that link in the Forum Recovery Request area of this forum.
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