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I explaining why error 500

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Re; 500 error, you asked to tell you what I did;

 I posted new heading and you asked about all adding comment vs new, I said yes to all, and also Subsriiption detail I said yes contact thru email. These offerings are new to me. It came up when I choose to edit this new Intro page on top, deleting other.

Then this page came uo error, after selecting above.


Ths is earlier, not error I believe; I tried to copy and past heading front page into new post and it would not let me do that, why? I wanted to show people where new heading n top is coming from and then it wil go to archive as you do.

Thank you for allowing me to continue with you!

I wish you all well! Please do see if like my new thought!
lov, kara j lincoln
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