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our combined `effect
Thank you Israel!

I guess I cannot do that, why, because I still have Google Adgrant and when I first started them, I could not have same as you, so My domain I use w/Google is; and with you; i come to talk story.

Be Cooperative was transferred to me when GAIA quit, I use for my DNS and Domain;

I guess I would have to file Domain w/Be Cooperative; i come to talk story, if wanted https, right?

What do you suggest? How important it is to have https?

Thanks when have time?

I hope all is well w/You, Franklin + Nabble!

I've been very busy transitioning my head-errors from banks that have kept me busy, but soon I will share more on Nabble if you all continuing?

lov, kara
     patches` +  pockets` everywhere are linking,  good folks are building this network by coming together eye to eye sharing their bi`joy experiences of what works.

       come talk..
                        `i come to talk story