BUG: Some embedded forums not extending as they should

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BUG: Some embedded forums not extending as they should

Hi Raven,

Can you investigate the reports here further and see if you can find why the forums behave as they do:

Initially, you'll see I was doubtful that the problem was with Nabble as Jim had used an iframe in which to embed his forum. but after he changed to using a div I had to accept that it was not his error.
(Also explore the results of my tests at: http://www.jimbrock.me.uk/f12019/ )

This amounts to a follow up of an earlier report from Gary. Initially, I had wondered if there was an issue on the N8 server as both these forums are hosted there, but I am no longer convinced as when I embedded my own N8-hosted forum in a replication of Jim's code I did not encounter the issue. I have been unwilling to do the same kinds of test on Gary's form as I did on Jim's as this one is live with plenty of traffic.

This is what I notice on Jim's forum:

1. While the forum only had two topics in it, the lilac background div:
<div class="content">
<a id="nabblelink" href="http://jimsf1league.106782.n8.nabble.com/">jimsf1league</a>
<script src="http://jimsf1league.106782.n8.nabble.com/embed/f1"></script>
			<br />
I can find no code that Jim has that controls the height of the div, so it appears to expand only on the basis of the content generated by Nabble.

When the forum had just two topics the div would initially display at one height and then reduce to a certain fixed height, about double that needed to display the forum. (After a lot of tests I have come to believe that this is normal behaviour.) Now the forum has a larger number of topics the div expands normally to that sufficient to display all topics.

However, this normal expansion does not occur on changing to other screens. For example:
Here the content div fails to expand to show all the posts in the topic. Further if you reply to any of these topics the div height remains fixed at the height of the original topic list screen and, depending on the post replied to, may not show far enough down the screen to show the Post and Preview Buttons or may show only part of the post replied to.

I have produced a local copy of Jim's code and embedded a range of forums in it and they all perform normally (including one on the N8 server), with the div expanding to show tall screens in full but where the content has little height expanding to the fixed minimum height of the div I have come to expect. (I have even used a version of Jim's code with some of the non-standards compliant things in it stripped out as I was concerned that might be affecting the way different browsers may handle things, but the changes made no difference.)

I have not registered or attempted to post on Gary's forum, but note that some of his users complain of the same non-expanding issue, that hides the Post/Preview buttons when attempting to post. Both forums are on the N8 server, hence I wonder if the issue is local to that server - though after my tests I am less certain it is server-related. However, as both host their site's differently, Jim hand codes his in Notepad and Gary uses Weebly, it seems unlikely for the issue to be related to the type of host site.

Hope that helps getting to the bottom of the issue!
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