macro or method for 'is_hidden_mailing_list' not found

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macro or method for 'is_hidden_mailing_list' not found

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I look after the OpenSCAD Nabble forum.

I haven't gone into the Nabble application support for some months.
When I recently did I get the error below. 'is_hidden_mailing_list' seems to have disappeared.
I checked with the only other Admin, he didn't change anything.

Was there a Nabble upgrade or something that  caused this?

EDIT The log shows this first occurred 2017-10-24 05:54:38 - any Nabble changes around then?

I removed the offending bit and saved mailing_list_override, then all the other overrides re-appeared.

So the original issue above still stands, why did "is_hidden_mailing_list" disappear?

It was in the app some time ago(see 9 lines under 'More Details'), and in some other forums.

        Error Found
An error was found in the NAML code of this application – Hide Details | Go to NAML Editor
macro or method for 'is_hidden_mailing_list' not found in [basic, nabble, servlet, app_namespace, node_page, html, node, node_poll] stack = [basic, nabble, servlet, app_namespace, node, node_poll, node_page, html, node, node_poll]
  in is_hidden_mailing_list(custom_tweak:mailing_list_information:2) - <n.not.is_hidden_mailing_list/>
  in not(custom_tweak:mailing_list_information:2) - <n.not.is_hidden_mailing_list/> - public static void nabble.naml.namespaces.BasicNamespace.not(nabble.naml.compiler.IPrintWriter,nabble.naml.compiler.Interpreter)
  in both(custom_tweak:mailing_list_information:2) - <n.if.both condition1="[n.is_associated_with_mailing_list_archive/]" condition2="[n.not.is_hidden_mailing_list/]"> - public static void nabble.naml.namespaces.BasicNamespace.both(nabble.naml.compiler.IPrintWriter,nabble.naml.compiler.Interpreter)
  in if(custom_tweak:mailing_list_information:2) - <n.if.both condition1="[n.is_associated_with_mailing_list_archive/]" condition2="[n.not.is_hidden_mailing_list/]"> - public static void nabble.naml.namespaces.BasicNamespace._if(nabble.naml.compiler.IPrintWriter,nabble.naml.compiler.Interpreter)
  in mailing_list_information(nabble:app.naml:237) - <n.mailing_list_information/>
  in page_node(nabble:app.naml:233) - <n.page_node.> - public void nabble.view.web.template.NodePageNamespace.page_node(nabble.naml.compiler.IPrintWriter,nabble.naml.compiler.ScopedInterpreter)
  in app_body_header(nabble:app.naml:77) - <n.app_body_header/>
  in body(nabble:app.naml:93) - <n.body/>
  in body(nabble:utilities.naml:10) - <n.body/>
  in body(responsive:responsive.naml:13) - <n.body/>
  in nabble_html(responsive:responsive.naml:9) - <n.nabble_html> - public void nabble.view.web.template.ServletNamespace.nabble_html(nabble.naml.compiler.IPrintWriter,nabble.naml.compiler.ScopedInterpreter)
  in html_impl(nabble:utilities.naml:4) - <n.html_impl>
  in html(nabble:app.naml:88) - <n.html>
  in do(nabble:utilities.naml:970) - <>
  in as_node_page(nabble:utilities.naml:970) - <> - public void nabble.view.web.template.NodeNamespace.as_node_page(nabble.naml.compiler.IPrintWriter,nabble.naml.compiler.ScopedInterpreter)
  in do(nabble:utilities.naml:975) - <>
  in get_node_from_request_parameter(nabble:utilities.naml:975) - <> - public void nabble.view.web.template.ServletNamespace.get_node_from_request_parameter(nabble.naml.compiler.IPrintWriter,nabble.naml.compiler.ScopedInterpreter) throws,javax.servlet.ServletException,nabble.naml.namespaces.TemplateException
  in catch_exception(nabble:utilities.naml:974) - <n.catch_exception. id="get-node-block"> - public void nabble.naml.namespaces.BasicNamespace.catch_exception(nabble.naml.compiler.IPrintWriter,nabble.naml.compiler.Interpreter)
  in get_node_from_parameter(nabble:utilities.naml:970) - <>
  in node_page(nabble:app.naml:85) - <n.node_page.>
  in app_min_html(nabble:app.naml:67) - <n.app_min_html>
  in app_html(nabble:view_standard.naml:11) - <n.app_html>
  in view_standard_page(nabble:view_standard.naml:6) - <n.view_standard_page/>
  in do(nabble:app.naml:36) - <>
  in do(nabble:app.naml:32) - <>
  in app_namespace(nabble:app.naml:36) - <>
  in apply_app_namespace(nabble:view_standard.naml:6) - <n.apply_app_namespace.view_standard_page />
  in (nabble:view_standard.naml:5) - <subroutine name="view_standard" requires="basic,nabble,servlet"> 

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Re: macro or method for 'is_hidden_mailing_list' not found

Franklin <Nabble>
Why do you need is_hidden_mailing_list?

Nabble is at end-of-life.  It will be supported indefinitely but will not get significant new development.  To make the code stable, I removed a few very confusing features, and hidden mailing lists was one of these.  Its purpose was for someone transitioning from a mailing list to a forum.  No one should be doing this now with Nabble.
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Re: macro or method for 'is_hidden_mailing_list' not found

[I replied to the email version of this, but it bounced, so I'm just posting this for posterity]

I don’t especially, that is how it was, I have no idea what some of the NAML things do, and it is hard to find doco.

So I presume its value was set in the config somewhere?

Anyway, Ok I’ll remove it properly

Thanks for letting me know.