load balancing not working

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load balancing not working

I am running 3  activemq 5.14.3 message brokers on separate CentOS7 VMs.  My objective is to queue messages using the producer app on broker #1 and dequeue them on broker #2 and #3 using the consumer app.  I have configured network connectors on broker #1 to create the required network as follows:

note:  Broker #1 = linux6,  Broker #2 = centos7  Broker #3 = fuse

Broker #1 network connector:
name: linux7->centos7
Message TTL 2
Consumer TTL 2
Dynamic Only true
Conduit Subscriptions true
Bridge Temps  true
Decrease Priorities  true
Dispatch Async  true
name: linux7->fuse
ditto on other properties

I'm running the admin console on all 3 broker machines.  The producer app queues 1000 messages to a queue named TEST  -  so I created a queue named TEST on fuse and centos7 brokers.  apparently, the producer app creates a queue named TEST when it runs and then queues the 1000 messages.

I had expected that the 1000 messages (queued on linux7 via the producer app to the TEST queue) would be distributed to centos7 and fuse brokers (both of which have TEST queues configured)  -  but that is not happening. When the producer app is run, all 1000 messages show up on Linux7 and none show up on centos7 and fuse.

The consumer app is running on centos7 and fuse machines and the admin console shows number of consumers on the TEST queue for both centos7 and fuse brokers to be 1.

According to the documentation that I have found on many sites, these messages should be forwarded from Linux7 broker to centos7 and fuse brokers -  the queue name is the same and the network connectors are in place and are listed in the admin console connections for linux7.

Why doesn't this work?

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Re: load balancing not working

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