Users and the registration process

Posted by Hugo <Nabble> Hugo <Nabble>
Nabble is changing how users are saved in the database. For many years we had a shared login system where users had to register just once in order to get access to all applications (forums, blogs, galleries, news, etc.) on the Nabble website. From now on, users will be specific to each root application. This basically means that:

 - Users will have to register to your forum (or blog, etc.) to post as a registered user.
 - Registration works for the root forum and all sub-forums. There is no need to register again for sub-forums.
 - All information about a user is local to your application, including avatar, user name, number of posts, etc.
 - If you want to participate in different forums, you will have to register in all of them. Hopefully, registration takes just one or two minutes.

What's the advantage of this change?

This is how forums and other sites work over the internet.  Each site has its own registration process.  This allows users to set their username, avatar, and signature just for your site.  Besides that, Nabble wants to give more power to the site administrators, including the ability to delete contents and add new fields to the user profile page (so that users can fill in specific information about themselves). But this feature will only be delivered in the future.

 What else should I be aware of?

The database changes were not perfect and we had to reset avatar images. If you want to restore your old avatar, go to your personal settings, then click on "Change Avatar". You will see a button to restore your avatar. Besides that, recent changes to the user profile may be lost (e.g., password changes, user names, signatures, etc.). Please apply the changes again if this happened to you. We apologize for the inconvenience.