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our combined `effect
Happy Season to all and thank you for all your good work!

  I'd like to suggest the ability to continue to mail a post, yes if I understand before you post first time you can email the post to some, but that is it, unable to edit posts and mail to more?

  Would this be easy to make this happen? You don't have to take the time to answer me, Thanks!

Peace to you all, love us at `i come to talk story
     patches` +  pockets` everywhere are linking,  good folks are building this network by coming together eye to eye sharing their bi`joy experiences of what works.

       come talk..
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Re: Suggestion

I can't speak for Nabble but I think this is part of fundamental problem with Nabble.

Nabble tries to combine two technologies, mail lists and forums.

With a mail list you send an email and all you can do later is send a further email with a correction. When Nabble is used as a mail list, this works just fine.

On a forum you simply edit your earlier post. Good forum alerts readers when a post has been edited after a reply  is posted. When Nabble is used as a forum this works just fine too.

The trouble comes when some users of a Nabble hosted "group" use the service as a mail list and some as a forum. The two are incompatable.

How would you ensure that those you are using Nabble as a mail list only get second emails and yet if someone who used to be a subscriber then switched to using the group as a forum has the earlier posts automatically convert to appear as an edited earlier post?
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