Request to completely delete a previous post.

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Request to completely delete a previous post.


Several years ago I sent an email to the GIMP mailing list and this public forum post was created:


Looking back on this post, I deeply regret it. I created it at a young age (about 12 year of age) and it shows a bad image of myself. I was hoping that you could delete the post.

I do not have the login for the account that created the post. Therefore, I can not logon myself and delete the post.

I would be extremely grateful if you deleted the post or even provided me with the login details, so that I could delete it myself.

Thank you.

Kind regards.
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Re: Request to completely delete a previous post.

Even if the Nabble team were prepared were to help you with this, it seems pretty pointless and that alone may be a reason for not doing it. Their reasons might include:

Most of the message is quoted in a reply and the poster of the reply may not want his post deleted.
The GIMP User mail list is mirrored to several other forums so the post will continue  to be displayed in those locations.
Potentially, thousands of subscribers to the list may have a copy of your post saved on their computer and could repost it at any time.
By referencing an old post you have, in effect, extended it's life by another two years.

My own view is that this is one of those things best ignored. Put it down to experience and should anyone ever raise it (Unlikely!) explain that you were only 12 at the time. We all do things we later regret. It's one of life's lessons that we all have to learn and learn to live with.
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