Reporting Content as Inappropriate

Posted by Hugo <Nabble> Hugo <Nabble>
We just released a new feature to report content as inappropriate on the Nabble website. Basically, each post has a flag that you can click on to report the content and bring it to our attention:

There are a few things you should know about this feature:

(1) Only Nabble admins receive these reports for now. We use this information to set flags, make decisions and take action. In the future, we may implement a plugin to let app owners subscribe to these reports and receive them in their inbox. If you think this is an important feature and also want to receive those reports for your Nabble app, please let us know.

(2) Not everything that is inappropriate will be deleted. We may (a) hide the contents from the main public; or (b) delete the post or the whole app; or (c) ignore the report if we think it is not really inappropriate. Every case will be investigated and may trigger an action.

(3) Don't abuse this feature. If a user is posting hundreds of spam messages on Nabble, you don't have to report every message from him/her. When we receive a report, we will look at the user account and see if there are other messages that are also inappropriate. Besides that, abusing this feature to report things that are clearly not inappropriate may force us to take some action on you.

Please let us know if you have questions, comments or concerns.