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our combined `effect
You may enjoy Paul's work, see above and download book if interested!
I respect his work!
love, kara
                                        `i come to talk story our US Nonprofit Association
                                                thank you all for your help to get this far!
                                                     Please stay in touch aiding updates!
                                      Peace is real if we organize w/neighbors local and afar!
                                                Love, Wendy, Misha, Kara, and volunteers!
                                              `i come to talk story, has great plans join in!
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                                                 Your support is needed in each plan!
                                                         Or Donate; All life is fragile!

On Mon, Apr 27, 2020 at 3:33 PM Dr. Paul <[hidden email]> wrote:
Are you free if you cannot determine what is injected into your body?
The State of our world
Captivated by COVID-19.

Are you free?
If you cannot determine what is injected into your body?
medical mandated vaccines
the solution being offered by those who stand to profit
to the tune of trillions.

Are you free?
If you cannot move about without your movements being monitored?

Are you free?
If you cannot publish a fact-based book with peer reviewed
references, because it doesn’t fit “official sources for health” according to Amazon.
Get your copy of the BANNED book here:

Get FREE Copy!


Without freedom of religion, freedom to gather, bodily freedom
 we are effectively under

Our Destiny is to STOP Medical mandates!

We - The Free, are WARRIORS
who will help establish herd immunity – Naturally!
Warriors who do not have underlying medical risks
will get natural immunity
and by so doing will protect the vulnerable.

They will give us dirty looks as we walk about free,
but in the end,
they will thank us for being the shield
that makes it possible for everyone to get back to work,
and to move about freely.

You mean I can go back to work if I’ve had this virus…
 let me have the virus!

Governments and Industry have no interest in making Safe Vaccines!

You can know this is true by simply looking
for the following ethical vaccine trial characteristics:
1. They have saline placebo controls
(in equal number to the vaccinated)
2. They have large enough numbers (think over 30,000)
3. They track all health outcomes for at least 5 years
(not just presence of antibodies)
4. They openly publish their data (deidentified) for all to see.

We cannot base public health policy
on the hope for a vaccine
when it is impossible to develop a safe vaccine with long term safety testing

Warriors for natural immunity unite
and we can save this country and the world.

Dr. Paul

Continuous Education 
Join The Health Freedom Summit 2020
April 27th - 29th
30+ of the nation’s true health experts including Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Paul Thomas, Dr. Theresa Deisher, Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, and dozens of other MD’s, front-line journalists, and legislators are gathering April 27th-29th, with real answers about COVID-19, and practical strategies to strengthen American health and immunity.

Protect Our Children. Preserve Our Freedom. Pro
The Truth About Vaccines 2020
REPLAY Weekend  May 2nd - 3rd
Are vaccines to blame? What are the risks we’re not being told about? Where are the safety studies on the combined doses of all these vaccines? Is there a vaccine-cancer connection? What are our alternatives to stay healthy and prevent disease? What about the discussions about ‘mandatory’ coronavirus vaccines?
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