New Payment System

Posted by Hugo <Nabble> Hugo <Nabble>
We have changed our payment system in the last weeks and it is important to explain how things will work from now on.

Previous system

User buys credits in order to remove advertisements or allow adult content. One credit represents one page view on the site.

New system

User pays a fixed amount per month in order to remove advertisements or allow adult content.

The new system is simpler than the old one. If you still have old credits from the previous system in your site, don't worry. Things will continue to work while you still have them. Once they run out, then you will have to pay through the new system.

How can I check how many credits I still have from the previous system?

The number of credits is printed on each page as an HTML comment. So you should look at the HTML source of your Nabble site and you will see a comment like this at the bottom of each page:
<!-- Ad.true | XXXX credits -->

In the new system, how can I cancel my subscription?

In your account settings page you will see a "Cancel Payment Subscription" link that you guide you through this process.

If you have any issues with the new payment system, please send an email to payments at