Nabble Releases Distributed Architecture

Posted by Hugo <Nabble> Hugo <Nabble>
Nabble has a distributed architecture

We are glad to announce that our distributed architecture has been released.
Nabble2 is now a distributed system with three servers: New! New!

Our servers work together to create a unique Nabble environment.
The important features are:

1. User accounts are shared among servers. This means that you don’t have to register or login again in each Server. Also, if you change your profile in one server, your account will be updated on all others.

2. All your forums, posts and stars (favourite links) are available under your account, even if they belong to another server. You can see all of them by clicking on your user name (upper right corner of the screen).

3. You can search all servers at once by visiting the homepage of any server. We use Google Custom Search to reach this goal.

4. The listing of forums and apps also take all servers into account. The list is sorted by activity.

Nabble can easily add new servers to the cluster and distribute load. Forums from the old system (Nabble1 / will be migrated per request. The support forum is full of such requests and we will start with them. If you have a forum in the old system and want to migrate it, please let us know.