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Nabble Changes

Is somone still updating Nabble?

For some reason several times in the past couple of weeks my customizations disappear and I have to redo them.  These have been in place for a very long time - and I just copy/paste them to correct - so not a huge deal except that when it happens, people who are no longer members of my site - start to receive emails again until I fix it.

I don't know how to change Nabble - so I am not doing the updating - so I am not sure why this keeps happening.

The only changes I make is to restore the old naml files that I have saved for when this happens.

Is there some way to protect my site to NOT get changed when you or someone else updates?
With your information that Nabble is changing to something else - and a quick "hire a programmer" note - should I be looking to install or something on my server?  I wasn't sure what was meant by that

Patti Scanlan