Nabble Application Markup Language

Posted by Hugo <Nabble> Hugo <Nabble>
We are making public the Alpha version of NAML (Nabble Application Markup Language), which is the language we build all our web apps. In the footer of all Nabble apps you will see a link that says "See how NAML generates this page". This link goes to a page that allows you to explore the NAML code of that page and see how things work behind the scenes. NAML is meant to be readable and easy to be changed. If you understand how a web page is generated (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.) you should find NAML intuitive. Of course, the documentation website is very important and will be available soon.

At this point you can only browse the NAML code of your app. Soon you will be able to edit the NAML code and customize your app the way you want. If you have feedback or questions, please let us know through the support forum. This is a feature we have been developing for more than two years now and we are very excited about this release. When you master the syntax and understand the commands, you will be able to build entire websites with it.

Visit the NAML homepage and documentation site: