NABBLE DOWN TIME ???????????

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NABBLE DOWN TIME ???????????


OK - what’s the problem NOW -
At 9:30 to !0:30 PST - NO web site or Nabble Support -
I got one - “Server overloaded” notice -
Then the rest were “Navigation to the webpage was cancelled”

About 10:35 - I get my site page without numbers and Icons or log in...
I get the same with the Support page.....

I only start to look at my Nabble site about 10 AM PST each morning -
No telling how long it was off before that

Please don’t tell me again - it’s my hosting company -
In over 3 years with Host Gator - It’s never been down once...

This problem started a year or so back when ya changed the my URL....
Now it goes a few dazes and it’s down - a few weeks and it’s down - a month or so and it’s down...
How many peeps do you have on the server I’m on?

How come I never see a report of down time from anyone else on the support pages... ?????
Don't the others care???

I’m trying my best to build up a membership - but this down time has got to take it’s toll....
Please give me some answers I can believe


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Re: NABBLE DOWN TIME ???????????

Pedro <Nabble>
We apologize for the inconvenience. The server is a bit overloaded and we are working hard to make it stable again. It should be fully back soon.
It is not your hosting company, it is our servers.
My test forum.