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If yet to see I suggest reading!

our combined `effect
 I put this link on our Google Document, and suggest you take a look from these guys, for they are winning lawsuits and bringing to attention what all should be aware of!

lov, us

                                                         `i come to talk story (ictts)
                                                     is our US 501.c3 Nonprofit Assoc.
                                               Thank you all for your help to get this far!
                                                   Please stay in touch aiding updates!
                                                         Peace is real if we organize
                                                         w/neighbors locally and afar!
                                              Love, Wendy, Misha, Kara, and volunteers!
                                             `i come to talk story, has great plans join in!
                                                                 [hidden email]
                                                              +01 (360) 450-3749
                                                           Please leave a message!
                                                  Your support is needed in each plan!
                                                      Contact Kara if you want to help?
                                                                    `All Related...
     patches` +  pockets` everywhere are linking,  good folks are building this network by coming together eye to eye sharing their bi`joy experiences of what works.

       come talk..
                        `i come to talk story