How is Nabble doing?

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How is Nabble doing?

our combined `effect

  Did you get the help you needed?

  What are your priority needs?

Keep us posted, please to see what we can do to help you?

Consider a ongoing updated list, and if already have please share link?

One need could be maybe to have me write less yada?????

The other day I was so please confirm;

      Do you have time limit on posting, for mine shut off and I lost last added content?

       Do you have a limit of text or characters/post, to then shut page off?

Thank you for your services and being who you are!  And peace be with you all!
lov, kara
     patches` +  pockets` everywhere are linking,  good folks are building this network by coming together eye to eye sharing their bi`joy experiences of what works.

       come talk..
                        `i come to talk story