How does Nabble handle auto-responders?

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How does Nabble handle auto-responders?

Ken Winter
A feature of Nabble that I really like is that, when I post to a forum to which I am subscribed, I receive an email of my own post. This is very valuable because (a) it lets me know that my post has been sent, and (b) it gives me a chance to see how it looks and to catch and correct any boo-boos promptly.

Some other forum systems I have used don't do this - emails of my posts go to all subscribers except me. Why do they do this apparently dysfunctional thing? The one sensible I have heard has to do with auto-responders. The nasty scenario goes like this:

  1. Fred belongs to a forum that emails a post notification to the poster.
  2. Fred goes on vacation, and sets his auto-responder to auto-reply to all messages he receives with a message saying "I'm on vacation till August 1".
  3. Sally posts a message on the forum.
  4. Fred's auto-responder receives Sally's message. It immediately replies to the forum with the "I'm on vacation till August 1" message.
  5. The forum receives Fred's "I'm on vacation till August 1" message, posts it as a reply to Sally's post, and immediately emails it out to all forum subscribers - including Fred.
  6. Fred's auto-responder receives the "I'm on vacation till August 1" email from the forum, and auto-replies to it again, so the "I'm on vacation till August 1" message goes out to all subscribers - again including Fred - and the barrage repeats until Fred turns off his auto-responder.
Some auto-responders slow down this vicious cycle by waiting for several days before auto-replying to a message that they have already auto-replied to. But others don't.

I assume that Nabble has encountered this issue and has dealt with it somehow. That these other forum systems might emulate Nabble, could somebody reveal how you've done it?

~ Thanks! Ken