How do I find the user=<user number>?

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How do I find the user=<user number>?

I've been trying to work out problems with email addresses and mailing-list integration. More on that in a separate post.

In so doing, I need to look at users Nabble profile, to do so you either need a link in a Forum post (which i don't have due to the problem I have), or find out their user=<user number> to use e.g.

The trouble is if I only have their email address, there doesn't seem to be a provided way to find the 'user number'.

What I have had to do is go through the 'People' link, filer by group 'Members', a 1623 long list.
That is sorted by number of posts, so it involves searching through many pages for the email address.

I changed the NAML macro 'people_page_length' which was 20 (thus 82 pages), to 150 (this 11 pages), but it is still a PITA.

Is there an easier way to find the 'user number' given an email address?

If not, could a direct look-up query be added?

Or change the following so the 'user number' is included: