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Csound: Change of Forum Owner Request

Hi Hugo,

I had the following email recently:

Hi Greg. I'm a member of the Csound project, whose mailing list archives are available through Nabble. I was wondering if it would be possible to get a backup of the mail archive? I believe a colleague of mine John ffitch was in touch with you some time ago with a similar request. It seems our community has no idea who actually set up the Nabble interface to our mailing list. And all attempts to find them have proved futile. I can ask John to share what you provided him with some time ago, but I would very much like to get a backup up of the full archive, including those messages in the past few years since john was in touch. Can you please let me know if this is possible? An mbox export would be ideal, if possible.

I see that you are listed as the owner of the forum concerned:
and suggested that they approach you to ask for either of the people involved to take on ownership. At least they would then be able to generate an backup file, even though it may not be in their preferred format.

It was user "rorywalsh" who contacted me. I guess the user he refers to is "jpff". I'm sure they will follow-up with posts in the Free Forum, if necessary.
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