Bug Report: Change of Address by Administrator

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Bug Report: Change of Address by Administrator

Hi Hugo,

In the light of Coleen's requestI have done some investigation and think there may be a bug in the current code.

I went to my test forum where I was logged in as administrator. I then proceeded to a registered user profile screen and went through the process to change that user's email address. The expected email arrived at the newly assigned address for that user.

Dear greguser,

You or the administrator of "GregTest" wants to change the email address of your user account.
Username: greguser
Old email address: gxxxxxxxx@gmail.com
New email address: xxxxxxr@gmail.com

Please click on the link below if you want to confirm this change:

If you didn't request this email or have no idea why you received it, please ignore it.

The Nabble Team

I then returned to the forum and logged out as my Admin user.

Switching again to my email program I clicked the link in the email.

That opened a new tab in my browser below:

Change of Address Confirmed
After that I logged in using the new email address. Then the following screen appeared:

Change of Address Denied
After that I went to the registered user profile screen and that showed that the new address had been processed correctly (as you'd expect, given that I had logged in using the new address).

This result suggests that the only fault that might truly confuse a user is in the appearance of the "Change of address failed" screen. (Although, it is slightly odd that in the first screen it says "your email has been changed" when the login/register links suggest Nabble does not know who you are.)

As a postscript. I then logged in again as Administrator and made the change to return the email address of the user to its original address. This time I did not log out as administrator and when I clicked the link in the email to confirm that I wished it to be changed the screen that appeared showed me as logged in as administrator!

Change of Address Confirmed - Wrong User
After this screen, I logged out as Administrator, and logged in as the user using the returned-to-original address and everything behaved exactly as it should.

Colleen's report suggests something slightly different occurs. I think that may be down to poor understanding on the part of her users, but I recall that Colleen's forum was used as a test bed for the new code that is now available to all as standard. Perhaps she still has some over-rides that are making something different happen?

Worth investigating though!
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Re: Bug Report: Change of Address by Administrator

Hugo <Nabble>
I've replied to Colleen's post. The confirmation link doesn't depend on the current login. Once the confirmation link is opened, the new email is set. The message you saw ("we were unable to change your email address") happens when you try to open the confirmation link again. The login screen went back to that page, so you saw that message.