Adult Content is NOT free anymore

Posted by Hugo <Nabble> Hugo <Nabble>
This post is only for users who have adult sites on Nabble.

For many years we have tried to monetize adult content on the Nabble website without success. It is very hard to find advertisement companies that accept this kind of content and are willing to pay a decent revenue for it. After many attempts we have decided that adult content shouldn't be FREE anymore and users will have to buy credits in order to keep their adult sites online. In summary:
Adult sites will work while they have credits available. When they run out of credits, a block page will be displayed with a button to buy more credits.
You are free to show your own ads if you want (this would help you pay for the credits). You can buy credits in different amounts (10K, 100K or 1000K) and our prices are cheap. One credit means one page view on your adult site. For example, if you buy 10,000 credits, you will have 10,000 page views available for your site. As users visit your site, the number of credits will be decremented (this doesn't happen live -- it is decremented once a day). You can check your current credits by clicking on "Options > Buy credits". You may also make your site private as a way to reduce the number of daily visits (your credits would probably last longer that way).

As a final note, it should be clear that illegal adult sites are not allowed. Your content cannot violate the laws of California or the United States. If you have questions, you can contact the Nabble support forum.

This change will be released on 08-June-2013.