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A new idea, please see our page when convenient

our combined `effect

I decided Nabble is perfect for our `transitional shift message board (`tsmb) if you agree on w/what we are doing?

I've added Subcategories; URGENT UPDATE SUBJECT (UUS), so as to reach out to people so their needs get met and offerings shared as people everywhere start their local `plan if yet to, and post their needs and offerings.

Also, we feel this is our way to reach out to migrants/refugees/long-term residents without/homeless, etc., for humanity has solutions if all work together!

I once mentioned something like this when you were going to promote one dating business on facebook I think? Suggesting how nice if they would do this.

Meanwhile, I've been racking my brain to think of how I could get donations to hire a techy to make such an App, until wahoo, Nabble already has it. So I'm asking people to post their offerings, and I reaching out on social media, as well I ask them to Donate so we can gain support, considering going on 40 years w/none! Accept you and Google's Adwords Grant as well few others, we thank. Which soon once few more corrections I will reach out promoting this globally!

Thank you for this read and your response will be appreciated and I will comply to your wishes, if I can?
kara j lincoln
     patches` +  pockets` everywhere are linking,  good folks are building this network by coming together eye to eye sharing their bi`joy experiences of what works.

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